Amy Poehler is the light of my life. Also, Jessica Chastain, Danielle Haim, Tatiana Maslany and the USWNT.


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single, not sure how to mingle


Orphan Black: a summary

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Women in general, we tend to shrink ourselves. I’ve tried to shatter the body image that muscular isn’t feminine. - Hilary Knight [x]

keeoone Hanging out around Tyler and Shay is like being in an advertisement

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Oh god, I’m writing my sister a kind of “coming out” email cause I haven’t told her about my sexuality. I’m not even sure what I am but I know I’m not straight. I just want her to know I’ve been struggling with this for a long time. This is so scary. 


So I ask the American commentators, please stop announcing that Landon Donovan is the “all-time U.S. leading goal scorer.” He is not. With 57 international goals, he’s not even in the Top Five.

The all-time U.S. leading goal scorer is Abby Wambach, with 167 goals, followed by Mia Hamm (158), Kristine Lilly (130), Michelle Akers (105) and Tiffeny Milbrett (100). In fact, Abby Wambach is the all-time leading goal scorer in the world, among all soccer players, male or female.

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Chilling poolside on this Sunday afternoon. #VillaLangka #OperationCambo

Happy birthday, America! #TheyDidntPlayPartyInTheUsa #BurgerCravingSatisfied